Thursday, September 30, 2010

I SOOOO Love Halloween!

And I just had to add this countdown ticker (see below).  Fantastic artwork going on here, I'm so impressed *smiles*.  Halloween to me is the very best of all the holidays.  Christmas or Yule as some prefer to call it has been far too stressful on old witchy woman these last 8 years or so.  Thanksgiving is just as bad.  Eating good food is great ha-ha, but for me there are just far too many "missing faces" i.e. family members gone on to their greater rewards and it just depresses me too much.  All that, plus the fact that for the last 3-4 years we've been broke as hell most of the time and I feel inadequate in not being able to buy gifts for even my daughters (one year couldn't even buy for the granddaughter...sheesh!).  Hubby and I long ago gave up trying to buy anything for each other...we are grateful if there's a little bit left just to buy the girls something.  Like I said, those holidays are depressing in so many ways.  But HALLOWEEN...a whole different story!

I've been collecting tons of decorations for inside and outside for the last 30+ years.  Every year have tried to add even a tiny wee thing to the collection.  And hubby likes Halloween too, he enjoys doing all the outside decorating.  Secretly, I think he is an old pagan at heart too....just like me....although he'd never admit it in a million years.  I can tell that he's still somewhat "uneasy" about my new turn-around in my "faith practices".  And it doesn't help that I'm not completely "decided" about which path in life I want to take either.  *Sighs*....well my very best friend online is Wiccan (and my oldest daughter is too) and both of them have told me that I'm just gonna have to find my own path whatever that may be.  I realize that to the Wiccan world, there's no such thing as holding on to "christian faith" in addition to studying can't be a part of both worlds.  But I say, "Why the hell NOT?"  Who makes the rules?  Seriously, I doubt that the Goddess and God (even the Hebrew god and His son Jesus whom I still very much believe in) would have any problem with me and what I'm believing.  *Sighs*...more contemplation for another day perhaps!

But anyway....Halloween is on its way and I can't wait!!

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