Sunday, October 10, 2010

Auspicious Day 10-10-10 is supposed to be an auspicious day.  If you happen to be a follower of numerology like I am, then you will know what I mean.  This "timing" will not occur again until 100 years from now and I am guessing that none of us will be around then ha-ha!  Numerology....something that has fascinated me ever since I was a girl.  Numbers themselves truly fascinate me, although I am DEFINITELY no "math wiz" - NEVER have been!  I truly sucked at anything mathematical all during my school years, yet for some reason certain number combinations have always meant something to me.  Always looking for "deeper meanings" I guess.  According to those "who know", the combination of 10-10-10 is a highly spiritual thing.  Some folks are panicking that today we will have computer meltdowns, like they did in 1999 with their worries of Y2K.  Now I WILL have to admit that as December 1999 came, I TOO was one of those "worry-warts".  In 1999, our livelihood depended upon my computer being free from any such worries.  At that time, I had a home-based medical transcription service going and combined with hubby's income, I will have to admit to having a pretty good income.  So I was truly worried that at 12:01 on 1-1-2000 my computer would suddenly stop functioning and then where would I be??  Waaaaa...!!  Of course, not a damn thing "happened" and life went on as usual.

Not only was I worried about any possible computer woes for myself, I was also worried that the world computers would shut down; thereby causing problems with food supplies and utilities function.  I literally stocked up on all kinds of canned goods, dry milk (YECHH!), you name it.  My hubby and daughters laughed their butts off at Mama (me) and my own mama at the time told me I was only borrowing trouble.  *Sighs*...there in her message was the answer.  I have always been one to "borrow trouble".  I "try" to make it sound like...."Get prepared and then if nothing happens, so be it".  For years I lived like that, always borrowing trouble.  Only in these last 3 or so years have I FINALLY learned to quit thinking like that and finally achieve a happier way of living.

So, you may ask, "Did trouble ever come knocking?"  Oh hell yes, it DID.  It rather amuses me to think that when I finally did quit "borrowing it", it hit.  One of those Confucious sayings is "May you always live in interesting times"....let me tell ya, do NOT think that saying is a GOOD one ha-ha!  Indeed, "interesting times" in MY case have meant the loss of our family home to foreclosure and too much other loss.  BUT....I have learned that one can never plan for the future, one HAS to live in the moment - at least day to day - and that one CAN manage to survive with VERY damn little!  There is SO much "freedom" in finally believing that!  No matter what "religion" one believes in, or what one was raised in or what one thought for 50+ years, there still is in the essential core of ALL of us that tiny spark that says "I will NOT give up and I WILL get by".  And "when the going gets tough, the tough get going".....that, my friends, I will remain true to.

May your day today be a very auspicious one.  Was hoping hubby would hit it big on the online slots today but apparently, he didn't LMAO!  Oh well...someone somewhere probably did and blessings to THEM!

Brightest blessings to all of you....

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