Friday, October 8, 2010

Witchy & Proud Of It

So on Wednesday, we made our weekly grocery shopping trip and this time went to Wal-Mart as I had to get a prescription refilled also.  Whilst waiting on the refill, daughter (Katie) and I perused the Halloween isles and my eyes immediately were drawn to this:

Probably not a very good photo of it, but it's a door hanger and I LOVE it!  And it will stay on the door handle going into my computer room/library all year round.  I also posted it as my Facebook profile pic ha-ha....with the comment that it "speaks volumes".  Indeed, to those of us in the Pagan/Wiccan community, we're rightly "put out" (to say it mildly) regarding the recent antics of one Christine O'Donnell.  She is NOT "me" and thank God/Goddess above, she will never be me!  I am proud to be a 57-year old grandmother of one beautiful girlchild named Aradia (and if you wonder where that name came from, do your research!) who is now 7 years old and the love and light of my life.  I am proud to be a mama to 2 beautiful daughters, one 31 and one 19, and I adore my husband.  We've been married since 1989 and even though our life together has been fraught with ups and downs, mostly in the financial realm, we're still together.  Our love has never diminished and I pray to all the powers that be that it never will.  We've had a lot of loss in our lives; what with losing my "ancestral home" recently earlier this year to foreclosure (thank you so damn much Republicans!) because most all union jobs of any kind from 2007 until 2010 have been non-existent.  We lost the first baby of "our union" back in 1989 but were blessed of course with our now 19-year old daughter.  So many family members have passed on to their "reward" - my Mama, my sister, my brother; hubby's daddy and 2 brothers - all in the course of the last 15 years.  Have we known hardship and grief?  Oh yes we have.  Both of us suffer with chronic medical conditions - hubby had his first heart attack at age 41 with emergency stent placement, last summer he almost lost his left eye in an accident in the backyard and just recently underwent surgery to correct that; I had that brain tumor mentioned in my last post with subsequent problems and recently, was worked up for possible MS (multiple sclerosis) which causes me a LOT of problems.  But we are still together and still love each other.  Our faith has been challenged so many times; indeed, mine now to the point where I'm not sure where my "faith" lies.  But we are still together!  So no, Christine O'Donnell, you are NOT me and if I resided in your state of Delaware, you would never in a million years "represent me"!

Sheesh...enough of my ranting.  But it just seems that here lately, and especially this week, the entire Pagan/Wiccan community has come under fire in the various media for some reason or another.  I'm so disgusted with the whole shitamarie!

In any case, my dear little witchy up above will remain on my door throughout the year.  She's fantastic!

Brightest blessings everyone!

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