Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm SOOO Mad...!

And upset *crying here*.  Monday night whilst hubby was in Facebook playing a damn game, the computer (MY computer) up & crashed.  He said, "...the overhead lamp light suddenly brightened to nova-strength and the computer went black and shut down".  When he tried to manually reboot it, nada, not even a flicker.  So, he stayed home from work yesterday trying his darndest to "repair it" (he's a "shadetree" computer discombobulator hee-hee) but all to no avail.  He did get an old desktop PC we've had here for a long time (mainly for the girls) back to running but OMG, it's soooo slow and worst of all, I cannot install my Paint Shop Pro NOR my Incredimail into it.  I feel so lost and sooo sad (did I mention MAD??).  Now I'm wondering the following....what kind of bad karma did I send out recently to bring this upon myself?  Is it "coincidental" that my best friend forever (and online sister - and did I mention witch hee-hee?) had almost exactly the same thing happen to HER last week while SHE was playing one of those damn FB games??  She managed to be able to reformat her computer and I'm very happy for her (thank Goddess!) but now I'm asking Goddess...."what about ME?"  So for any of my "followers" out there, do NOT play those freaking FB games or else you might wind up with a burned up and shredded computer too.

On another note and decidedly happier, the granddaughter is here all this week.  She's on Fall break from school.  Seven (7) years old....oh, what a delightful age to be!  Times I wish that I were 7-years old again!  It was at that age that I discovered the magickal world around me.  It was that age that I learned to ride a bicycle (which she is ALSO struggling to learn right now).  It was at that age that I discovered the faery world residing in my own back yard and how grateful I am that even now, 50 years later!!, the faery world STILL exists for me.  Hee-hee, wanna see how a 7-year old looks with a chocolate (YES, I said CHOCOLATE!) face mask on?  Just look below.  That's my youngest daughter (19) and the granddaughter with matching "masks".  The daughter works at a cosmetic/beauty esthetics company and she came home last night with these facial mask samples.  And oh how it scared the devil out of our dog!  Hilarious!

My two darling girls....granddaughter's mama is pretty too! AND a model!!!

Well, hope everyone has a good week, what's left of it.  I just wish I had my PSP & Incredimail!

Brightest blessings and Goddess blessings!!!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up.I pay farmville, now im rethinking it. I hope you get a better comp soon.